hand carved marble Bust of veiled woman for Sale

Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMH-211 Size : H:70 cm Material: natural Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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In Christian sculpture art, the veil is a common traditional theme. The doctrine holds that God's creation is not all shown to humans, but hidden behind a layer of veil. And the texture of the physical texture, under the fake tulle, is more real and moving. The sculpture seemed to breathe at this moment. Why not take a look at these masterpieces of carved veils on marble. The girl wearing a veil is mysterious and beautiful. It is the subject of creation that artists represented by Rafello Monti and Antonio Corradini in the 19th century are passionate about, and has a story that makes us feel incredible. They are the virgins of Vesta, priestesses of ancient Rome, who specialize in serving the goddess Vesta who is in charge of the holy fire. If the torch is not extinguished, the country will prosper. They must be loyal, chaste, and guard the holy fire for decades. During the sacrifice, they wore a flawless veil to show their worship and respect for Vesta. They were worshipped and admired by people at the time. Although the production of the veil sculpture is very complicated, the artist is always happy to do his best to embody the holy beauty of the virgin. As time went by, the Temple of Vesta was discovered, and the veil of the girl was lifted again. After thousands of years of prayers, they once again entered people's field of vision, and they seemed so gentle and calm. This sculpture depicts a veiled bride with a veil (face is clearly visible) and a ring of flowers outside the veil. The texture of the skin, under this "gauze", is more real and moving. The bride seemed to have life at this moment, making people look away for a long time. Under the thin veil, the facial features of this beautiful woman are slightly visible. They are full of mystery and refinement. Wearing a crown, straight nose and subtle lip changes, this is a very talented display of marble artwork. The leaf pattern of the pillars is very unique. It is carved from polished white marble.

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