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In the 16th century, the Neptune Fountain (without sculpture) and the Moorish fountain on the other side of the square were designed by G Della P and funded by Pope Gregory XIII. The lower part is made of white marble and the upper part is made of local stone. For the next 300 years, the fountain remained without statues until the unification of Italy in 1870 and Rome became the capital of Italy. In 1878, the sculpture "Neptune and the Octopus" was added. Piazza Vona is located in the historical center of Rome, Italy, and is the most beautiful square in Rome. The outline of the square is a broad ellipse, which matches the shape of the Arena of Agonas-the name of the square derives from the arena-a large sports arena with 30,000 seats, which was created by Emperor Domitian in AD Built in 1986. The most beautiful square in Rome is indeed well-deserved. This is the Poseidon Fountain. Poseidon fights octopus. This statue of Poseidon picked up the trident with both hands and stabbed the octopus: the left foot stepped forward, the right foot was stepping on the stone, and the weight of the whole body fell between the legs. This is a fighting posture, which is extremely majestic and has the spirit of "strengthening the mountains and the world." This mental state is a true portrayal of the Greek people's brave resistance against the invaders in the Hippo War. Poseidon looks muscular and extremely brave. The ferocious monsters entangled Poseidon’s thighs, struggling and fighting desperately; the hero is not afraid of evil, clenching the trident in both hands, stabs at the monster, showing a fierce scene of goodness over evil This is a truly fascinating depiction of the king of the ocean, fabulous fish and octopus. The majestic posture shows amazing details. This male figure brings beauty and vitality to the surrounding environment.

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