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Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMA – 227 Size : H:180 cm or customized Material: Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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Bacchus Marble Statue .A splendid tribute and famous reproduction .Standing  tall and impressive on his base ,this statue will look regal in a relaxing garden . This immaculate piece of art is made of pure marble . Michelangelo’s marble statue of Bacchus is now kept in the Bargello National Gallery in Florence. The height of the statue is 203 cm, which is similar to the height of a real person. Bacchus is the god of Bacchus in Roman mythology and the god of Bacchus in Greek mythology. He pioneered winemaking and spread the knowledge of grape growing and winemaking. The statue depicts the trail of the alcoholic Bacchus: his hair is covered with grapes, which is not only full of decorative beauty, but also adds a romantic flavor. The upper body is backward, the abdomen is straight, the feet are stretched out, and the eyes are staring forward. With his right hand gracefully holding a wine glass in the classic shape of ancient Greece, his mouth slightly opened, as if making fun of others, he also wanted to taste this sweet liquid again. The plump body full of human beauty leaned forward slightly, as if falling off the bedrock in the next second. Behind the god Dionysius of Bacchus, there is the indulgence of the mountains and the wilderness in Greek mythology. He smiled maliciously while eating a bunch of grapes with his left hand. His right hand tore off the animal skin that should be wrapped in Dionysen, so Dionysen lost cover and exposed himself. In my opinion, the straightforward and frank Bacchus Diony (Bacchus Diony) contrasts sharply with Gui Chong’s "Seiya", who is crouching and curling behind him, as if to tell people that no matter what a person looks How perfect, there will be a perverted spirit behind him. . Under the influence of alcohol, the spirit will appear. Although people have been trying to limit rationality and indulge emotions, the most essential aspect of human nature will be exposed in a drunken state.

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