Custom sized mixed color horse marble statues

Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMI-219 Size :customized size Material: natural Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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A handsome horse with four thick legs and well-proportioned. The body is very smooth, as if oiled and shiny. The hair on the neck hangs down in order. Both ears are pricked up, listening to the surrounding movement at any time, as if standing. Two big eyes are always patrolling nearby, a long tail sometimes hangs down, sometimes swings side to side, and four long legs look like four thick pillars with great power. Arabian horse is an ancient and precious horse breed in the world. Archaeology found that they originated 4,500 years ago, native to the Arabian Peninsula. It is carefully selected and bred for a long time under the conditions of drought, little rain and lack of food. This horse has played an important role in the formation of many excellent horse breeds in the world. Thoroughbred horses, Orrov horses, Morgen horses, etc., all contain the blood of Arabian horses. The average horse has 24 vertebrae, while the Arabian horse has only 23. The head is small and clean, the eyes are big and bright, the neck is straight, the forehead is wide, the armour is high, the back and waist are short and strong, the bones are thin and firm, the limbs are thin, the tendons are developed, and the body is dry, the coat is soft as silk, and the reproduction ability is strong. long life. The body structure is well-proportioned and beautiful. It is a high-level riding horse with a special Arabian horse competition. Its short-distance speed is not as good as the English thoroughbred, but the long-distance race is good. Because of its good appearance and strong ability, some breeds rely on the introduction of Arabian horses to improve their appearance and improve their ability. Arabian horses have evolved and grown in a desert climate. They are regarded as treasures by the Bedouins. They are often taken to house and protected in tents. Because of their close relationship with humans, they are kind, intelligent and willing to please. They also have a high degree of mental power and alertness, and are suitable for attack and war. Because of this combination of spontaneity and sensitivity, modern Arabian horse owners must pay enough patience and respect to control them. This lovely Arabian stallion is majestic and elegant, displayed in gorgeous mixed marble. The exquisite masterpiece created by this artist has excellent details and perfect realism. With the rectangular base as the background, immediately add it to your outdoor decoration.

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