Interior Decoration Marble Medusa Bust for Sale

Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMH-204 Size : H:90 cm Material: natural Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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Greece is a magical country, with a romantic sea of ​​love, an ancient and mysterious Parthenon, sculptures throughout the ages and the spirit of freedom and democracy in Greece. Since ancient times, it has influenced the West for thousands of years. Maybe you don't know the specific characters in Greek mythology, but you must have heard of these characters, such as the goddess of wisdom Athena and the goddess of love Venus. There is also a femme fatale, Medusa the Gorgon. The story of Medusa has many different variants in ancient times. A famous saying is that she was originally a beautiful woman who was raped by Poseidon in a temple in Athena. As punishment for this blasphemy, Athena turned Medusa (the object of punishment) into a monster, and she turned Medusa's hair into terrible snake hair. Medusa's eyes are breathtaking, and anyone who looks at Medusa will immediately be petrified into a stone statue. Later, the hero Perseus accepted the task of killing Medusa. He used the shiny armor as a mirror and cut off Medusa's head without looking directly at her face. At first, he used Medusa's head as a weapon because it retained its petrification ability even after death. Then he dedicated his head to Athena, who put it on the breastplate. The story of Medusa begins with works of art. She was deprived of power, her head was severed, and eventually became a weapon. However, the Medusa marble sculpture is always an irreplaceable work of art and has its own unique temperament. Whether she is a troubled girl or a monster, people really like people's love for marble Medusa sculptures. We can look back at the early portraits of Medusa, her teeth and terrible snake head, telling the story of how she turned from a monster into a decorative object. There are many versions of the story about Medusa, but no matter which version is finally expressed, this is the beauty and horror of Medusa, but it is also an eternal symbol of female power. Current Medusa sculptures are often used as decoration in exhibition halls or houses.

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