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Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMA – 221 Size : H:120 cm or customized Material: Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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The muscles in the two statues are very exaggerated. Both the size of the muscles and the sense of strength they exhibit have reached a saturated state, which makes people feel a burst of powerful energy. The treatment of the shape is not confused because of the exaggeration of the muscles, but the front and side turns are distinct, forming a solid and powerful overall shape. Hercules subdued the three-headed dog statue of Hades. In the statue, the three-headed dog raised three heads and barked and barked, echoing like thunder. Hercules clamped three dog's heads with both legs, strangled the dog's neck with his right arm to prevent it from escaping, and grabbed the dog's tail with his left hand, but the dog was completely a living dragon, trying to slap him and bit him. Hercules still held the dog's neck tightly, and finally subdued the evil dog. Hercules killed the Hydra. The statue of Hercules raised a wooden stick in both hands and hit the Hydra. It was full of bulging and strong muscles. The snake’s body was stepped on his left foot, and the snake twisted and twisted to form The picture of fighting hard. Solid hand carved reproduction of famous Hercules marble statues with  pedestal .Carved from solid pure white marble with light gray veins .Available  in light travertine and crema marfiL Our european style greco roman statues  are all customizable .

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