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Atlas, the Titans, Outdoor Garden Decoration Marble Atlas Statue from You Fine Art Sculpture. Titan was once the world’s Greece mythical giant, lost in battle with the gods of Olympus, and its domination on behalf of the Zeus family. As a descendant of Titan, Atlas took part in the Titan war with Zeus, but the Titans were sent to the West end of the Earth by Zeus, and the sky was lifted on his shoulders to prevent the world from colliding. In Greek mythology, atlas was a primitive Titan who supported heaven from the mountains now known as the atlas mountains. The Outdoor Garden Decoration Marble Atlas Statue depicts the famous Titan, who was tasked with the beautiful white cold-cast resin. After the battle between the olympians and the titans, Zeus condemned atlas for standing on the western edge of the earth and holding up the sky. This is exactly what the statue was painted to look like, showing the sky over the bearded Titan’s shoulders. For fans of Greek mythology, the Titan statue is a must for collection and display.Outdoor Garden Decoration Marble Atlas is made of marble and is therefore easy to move and suitable for indoor or outdoor space use. Atlas is the leader of Titan, the son of Iapetus and Clymene, and the Brothers of Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius. The Titans walked with the gods and lost their way. Zeus condemned Gaea for always standing on the west side of the globe, holding Uranus (SKY) on his shoulders. Atlas represents strength, endurance and a heavy burden. Outdoor Garden Decoration Marble Atlas is a great marble statue that could be a good center for any place decoration. It will create a feeling or refinement and create a talking point. Welcome to consult any questions about our marble statues, we would provide you with detailed product information and the latest quotation and give you some discounts!

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