Life Size Hand Carved Garden Natural Marble Four Seasons Sculpture

Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMA – 254

Size : customized or H:150CM-200CM

Material: Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

Exw Factory : USD2899.0 - 9999.0/ 1 set

Products Details

The goddess of agriculture, Dimei, who is in charge of cereals, has a unique The birth daughter, Boshfin, is in charge of the fountain Qingchun goddess; mother and daughter depend on each other for life, and Bringing rich farming harvests for human beings. Zeus His elder brother is also the king of the underworld who rules the hell Hades fell in love with the beautiful Boshfin; so One day he drove Bosch in a black chariot.Fen was taken abducted forcibly and became the queen of the Dark Kingdom. When Timet found out that her daughter was missing, she was anxious Of wandering around just to visit her daughter's downfall ; No longer have the intention of farming, so I have everything The fields are beginning to go barren. . . In the end, it's too Apollo, the god of Yang, tells the whole story from beginning to end He told Timet, but Timet, who was worried and resentful but helpless, expressed it in the most negative way. Her dissatisfaction: it is to make the earth face unprecedented famine and disaster. Heavenly Father Zeus saw that the situation was serious.I sent a messenger to ask Hades to release Boshfin; however, Hades, who has an ugly face and a very low self-esteem, is what? Will it be easy to let go of the beautiful Boshfin? So Hades designed to let Boshfin eat four sweet pebbles. It is necessary for Bo Xifeng to return to the Hades for four months in the middle of each year. The benevolent Timmet accepted this Facts have brought the earth back to life; but every four months when Bo Xifeng returned to Hades, she couldn't do anything about it. Self-sustained are trapped in the darkness of thinking about their daughter and cannot farm. So the earth also has spring, summer, There are four distinct seasons of autumn and winter. And Zeus also lifted her into the sky and became a Virgo.

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