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Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMA – 213 Size : H:60cm to 150 cm or customized Material: Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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Our statue of Napoleon crossing the Alps is a re-creation following the famous painting of Jacques Louis David. These paintings are a series of five versions of Napoleon Bonaparte's equestrian portraits from 1801 to 1805. Originally commissioned by the King of Spain, the composition shows the ideal state of Napoleon and his army crossing the Grand Canyon through the Alps. St. Bernard Pass in May 1800. Our statue of Napoleon Bonaparte is the perfect gift for admirers of the greatest politician and military leader of all time. Napoleon wore a general's uniform, a gold-rimmed hat with two horns, and a saber riding a saber. The wind-blown cloak wrapped Napoleon's body. His face is facing the front of the picture, his right hand points to the top of the mountain, and his left hand holds the rope. The horse’s front feet were raised, and the wind blew up Napoleon’s cloak and blew up the horse’s mane and tail. In this statue, Napoleon looked stern, and Napoleon was portrayed as a brave, brave and decisive commander. He waved his hand, and his majestic gesture of restraining the horse was full of diagonal trends. The shape of the horse is strong and powerful, and the shape of the horse is powerful and powerful. The front feet of the horse hang in the air, showing the majestic posture of a steed, showing ample strength and strong vitality.

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