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The lion is the most common lucky beast in our folk culture. This is a manifestation of wisdom and strength. It has the meaning of auspiciousness, prosperity and infinity, symbolizing status, dignity and peace. Although lions are not a native product of China, China has a unique lion culture. During the festival, there are lion dance activities all over the country. The ancient government and large families were the ruling and noble classes of society. The lion occupies the highest position among the beasts, and the lion statue has become a symbol of authority. The hydrangea stepped on the lion's forefoot, symbolizing the power and dominance of the world. Shishi is known as "the patron saint of the Chinese nation". The stone is cold and has no emotion, but the lion that can be carved from the stone always inherits the meaning of good luck, peace and harmony. There is usually a pair of stone or bronze lions outside the palace gates. According to the architectural direction, the pair of stone lions in front of the gates of ancient palaces are usually male and female. The male lion on the left side of this pair of stone lion statues is usually carved with the right front paw to play with hydrangea (some sculptures open their mouths). On the right side of the door, the female lion is carved with its left front paw and petting lion (there is also a closed-mouth sculpture). You can also distinguish the lion's paw from other things: if the paw is a ball, it symbolizes the unity and supremacy of the world, then it must be a lion. The cub steps on the soles of the feet, symbolizing the extension of offspring and the lioness. Because the lion is the king of beasts and a domineering beast, it has the functions of "dignity" and "majesty". Lions are not like dragons and phoenixes. As a royal patent, it only appears in the form of palace artwork. The art of lion sculpture is all over the homes of ordinary people. The Chinese lion statue is very beautiful. Our Chinese lion is made of high-quality natural stone. We can provide lion sculptures of various designs. We can also customize according to your requirements, please feel free to contact us

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