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Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMI-224 Size :customized size Material: natural Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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Lions are big cats that live in Africa and Asia. The lion statue is very large and the body is even and soft. The claws are pointed and the tail is developed. The male lion's mane is also very long. The mane has long dark brown bristles extending to the shoulders and chest. Animal hair is beautiful in shape and clear in texture. The limbs support the ground and the muscles are strong. Looking straight ahead, his mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth, as if roaring, reflecting that the powerful power of the lion's body was boiling. Lions usually live in groups. A lion group has about 8 to 30 members, with an average of 17. It often contains successive generations of female lions, at least one adult male lion and some growing cubs. Female lions form the core of the lion group, and they rarely leave their birthplace. The lion group contains 2 adult male lions, but only one is the leader. Adult male lions often do not stay with lions, they have to roam around the territory all year round to defend the entire territory. Generally, they can be the leader of the lion group for months to several years, depending on whether they have enough ability to defeat foreign male lions. For centuries, we have known that when talking about animals, the first animal that comes to mind is the lion, which symbolizes ancient pride and courage. The lion is called the leader of all animals that rule the jungle, or we can say that the king of the forest. Similarly, the qualities and characteristics that symbolize the courage and leadership of the lion; the Lion Club is known as one of the most powerful animals in the jungle. He is strong, reliable, and smart enough to catch other animals. Antique marble lion. All are carved from high-quality marble. Please pay attention to the details of each piece we carved. Each of our marble carving products are produced with the highest precision and quality.

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